I was back to caddying yesterday after a wee break and what a day I had. I was off at 440pm on The Old with fellow caddie Geordie Rob and we had three lovely Canadians and local pro Alastair from Scotland for Golf.

We had a great fun round with much humour and light heartedness and our only concern was that we wouldn’t get down the last with any light whatsoever. However we were wrong. A crimson glow started to appear in the West and by the time we were standing on the 18th tee a staggering, deep furnace of sanguinarium red filled the sky behind the Old Course Hotel, and lit up the windows of the R&A and Hamilton Grand with homely, orange, incandescent light. People were chattering and laughing on the balcony of The St Andrews Club, some lucky tourists looked on in awe, and the town nestled in to a darkening twilight of extraordinary beauty.

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