Did he really say that?

Was out with two fun aerospace engineers and Zach and Bob from Palm Springs yesterday.

Bob runs the Bob Hope Classic Event for The PGA and had invited Zach last year to the high profile VIP tent and Players Dinner. Zach found himself  hobnobbing with the likes of Bill Clinton and Arnold Palmer and staying in a 2.5k bucks a night suite. And as he was desperately trying to impress his new girlfriend this didn’t go down badly. Bob said he has to pull the strings in a big way to get Zach laid, and he beemed across the fairway to much hilarity from the group.

We do meet a lot of interesting guys out caddying. For instance the previous day we had a group from New York that consisted of a top notch dentist, accountant, plastic surgeon and neurosurgeon. I just thought to myself that I could do with the help of all these guys but I would I think start off with the neurosurgeon.

Our two aerospace guys had wry senses of humour and were recounting how they were watching the US Open a few years back on TV and some guy put a vital four foot putt past the hole by a good two feet. The Scottish commentator had seemingly quipped  ‘well that’s enough to make you slap your grannie’. It took them a good few rewinds of the incident to clarify what the commentator had actually said, and were delightedly assured that this was verbatim. They found it very amusing.

I am not sure who the commentator was but wish the Beeb or Sky would employ someone with a bit of originality and sparkle, lest we die of boredom with the likes of Ken Brown and Sir Nick Faldo trying to be inspired and interesting. I mean they are about as much fun as a trip through the Channel Tunnel or a day out in Harpenden.

Things got a bit serious on the twelfth when Bob and Zach realised they didn’t have a bottle opener for their beers. Zach said that maybe the aerospace engineers could address the situation. And of course young Steve nodded in the affirmative and said he had a bottle opener belt buckle, but miraculously opened the beer as an accomplished and challenged engineer would do ie with his pitch marker!

Just as well they hadn’t asked me with my economics background. Assumptions are a good and important thing. But not when beer is at stake.

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