Amusing times

Had a kind of Robin Williams moment out with our guys from Chicago last week, you know the accent he puts on in mimicking a drunken scotsman in his origins of golf sketch.

Our group on the first tee all had strong and distinctive Chicago accents which I suppose is not that surprising.  The surprising thing was the accent of their tour operator Jim who has spent the last fifty years there but hails from Glasgow. Surprising because his accent changed from that Chicago drawl to a Greenock grunt ( ie Robin Williams as drunken scotsman) in an instant, depending on who he was talking to. In fact I’ll go as far to say that he became Robin Williams in that sketch. It was fascinating and most amusing.

The really interesting thing though was watching his face as he simultaneously addressed client and caddie, the tiny tortuous moment of hesitation and our wonder at which accent would prevail.

ps I highly recommend listening to the Robin Williams sketch! Must be the funniest pieces of stand up ever.

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