£130000 Joining Fee

Yes that’s what Yanni, a fun and most cool looking London based hedge fund owner, told me was the price of joining Wentworth nowadays, as we sauntered up the second fairway at the beginning of The Eden Club Tournament last week. Thereafter he said it’s ten grand a year. Well that’s one club I am not going to join. Mind you this makes the two hundred and fifty quid joining fee and one hundred and thirty annual membership for The St Andrews Club look even better.

I intimated to Yanni that I thought you got free membership if you had a house adjoining the Wentworth course and he said yes, but if you have a house there then the fees wouldn’t be an issue anyway. Fair point.

I mentioned that my Dad’s friend used to have a house on the seventeenth fairway. Slight dramatic pause from me as we approached Yanni’s ball and then I added ‘but he ended up in Wandsworth’, and Yanni obviously now more interested in his approach shot retorted ‘oh it’s quite nice there too’, to which I seeing he hadn’t quite got the point, elaborated ‘no, Wandsworth prison’.

And we did both laugh.

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