William The Eagle

I did something which I very rarely do yesterday and so witnessed a very rare thing indeed. I had the day off and my partner and I were out ostensibly to get pictures framed. However the shop was closed so it being a nice day we strolled down the Scores, had a coffee outside The Old Union and headed down North Street. We were gazing in admiration at the polished marble steps of Kinnettles the new 5 star hotel in town, which was due to open that evening at 6pm, when the owner kindly invited us in for a wee look around. And I must say that it looks very nice indeed.

Anyway after this we walked down to The Old Course and stood behind the eighteenth green. There was a group coming up and a chap playing his second shot in from well before the road. We watched. He hit a full shot which bounced about 30 yards before the green. As it approached I said ‘that’s a good shot’ and it was. The ball took a huge double break, meandering up the valley of sin to appear on the flat of the green and hold a beautiful hyperbolic line into the pin twenty five feet away. It disappeared plumb in the middle of the hole at perfect pace. What a shot. What a chance occurrence. I mean we could have sat there all summer and winter and not see that happen. There was a group of about twenty five Japanese tourists who didn’t I think get its enormity or certainly didn’t express themselves outwardly at its enormity, apart from one little chap who clapped very enthusiastically indeed.

I am sure I saw the ecstatic golfer rub tears from his eyes. I spoke to him afterwards and he turns out to be on a celebratory golfing week for his 65th birthday. Well he’s finished off on The Old in style for sure. An 8 iron from 165 yards into the cup for a two. I like the 165 yards I must say.

And so Mr William Bird you shall I hope be referred to as William The Eagle from now on. That was Olympian.

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