A different league

We had the European Amateur outfit up at The Castle yesterday. These guys are an interesting mix of individuals who enjoy their golf and play in tournaments all over the world at their leisure. I got the impression that most were pretty well healed and successful in their own right. Indeed Nigel Mansell has been known to pitch up at a few of their events. But there were also guys who’d made it big in fish, scaffolding, football and attractive offshore funds.

Our group were regaling the story of one rather prosperous member who not only arrived at the very upmarket Swinley Forest club in his Maserati but had his clubs delivered by his driver in his other Maserati. Talk about making a statement. As if one Maserati is not enough. Anyway this chap was told that their group would have to start at the 9th hole which was a little bit away. He indicated that he would like to be driven down there. And being told by the rather bemused officials that he would not be able to take the Maseratis down the track he got his driver to go back and get the Bentley.

And I suppose he could only have topped that by getting Nigel to drive him down in it.

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