Caddie System and Tower Crane humour

At The Castle we have a system whereby we call a dedicated Caddie Line in the evening whereby we find out our tee times for the next day. If you are not mentioned then the idea is that you pitch up at 9 am and hang around for a job to come in.
This was the case yesterday and I sat in the Caddie Shack. Matt came in for a wee chat and said with a wry grin ‘still writing your blog?’ And I had to acknowledge in the affirmative. Anyway we had a little laugh at how I had described him as being a bit gruff on our first meeting.Kevin, our manager, then popped his head round the door looking a bit flustered and declared that he needed 4 caddies for 11am. So I am on the tee and we have four blokes from somewhere in middle England and were into tower cranes and were obviously out for a bit of a laugh. I got to take Keith’s bag which was a bit of a result as I’m crap at remembering names.
Anyway Keith seemed to be the target of a lot of jibing. He was wearing a winter woolly hat and was being teased rotten for it. He retorted that ‘you had to look the part’ at which point the massively blunt Mancunian crane operations manager immediately declared that ‘you look a tit’.
And I have to say his comic timing was superb.

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