Texas Scramble, Wolf and Caddie Mulligan’s

I like it when your group are just out to have a lot of fun. Our guys the other day from Lower Boston certainly filled that category. They were playing the excellent Texas Scramble format whereby the best ball is always chosen from all the four balls hit. It is a great way to play the difficult Castle Course. However on the third tee Wayne declared that they were going to play Wolf! Seemingly the first guy that tees off is the Wolf and if he hits a good shot he has to make a loud wolf call, and as such challenges anyone to beat his shot.
The problem is that Wayne hit a shocker and we were denied the experience of his wolf call. Anyway after that the Wolf game got a bit complicated and I’m not sure anyone in the group really understood it. Something about nominating another person to be the wolf? However three more shocking shots were played and by all accounts no wolf call was warranted.
So we get on the 11th green and the guys declare that the caddies must putt out. Which we did and mine just lipped out from thirty feet. On to the next tee we are then asked to hit the drives! Caddie Mulligan’s was all round by all accounts. It was all done in great spirit and we all hit crackers down the middle of the fairway. And in these tense few minutes, for I hadn’t hit a ball for ages, we did the reputation of St Andrews caddies’ golfing abilities no harm at all.

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