first week back

I have only had a few rounds this week. One notable group was The Listener’s Tour from the US. A group of genial but mildly eccentric Americans and a lovely Dutch guy called Frank.They are all followers of a rave golf radio show in the States which seemingly has about 4 million followers and presented by some chap called Mark.
Anyway I got the bag of larger than life Alvin who was a big oil lawyer from Oklahoma and who called it straight. I indicated on the first green that I think its on the left lip at which point he looked me straight in the eyes and said ‘I don’t want you to think’. I smiled slightly nervously but understandingly and we had a quick chuckle and got on well after that. He was playing with Jason, a small Woody Allen type figure who wore an old style golf bonnet, had a wooden golf stand which doubled as a walking stick and had some hickory shafted clubs in his pencil bag. On the 11th into a fierce wind he pulled one out and hit this remarkable shot. It flew straight through the strong wind like a cannon ball, or at least how I imagine a cannon ball would fly, and landed pin high.I asked him what he hit and he casually replied ‘a jigger’ as if I should have known that was the obvious club to have hit. He then explained that it’s the perfect club for wind as it has no grooves and so gives the ball no spin and therefore is unaffected by the wind.
And he was right.

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