The Keys Bar

This little bar half way up Market Street is a real old fashioned drinking den. It is renowned as a caddie bar and I thought it would be important for my blog to visit and enjoy the ambience and a pint of something (or two pints of something actually).
And right enough there were a couple of stalwart old timer caddies invested at the bar as well as one of the St Andrews caddie masters practising his darts throwing. It’s R and A autumn meeting week and a relatively quiet time for the caddies in town. The season is winding down now as the tourists are replaced by students who are here in droves. Two smart young gentlemen in boating jackets strolled into the Keys and ordered Bombay Gin and tonics while old Tam sank another Tennant’s.
It was lovely to sit outside in the warm breeze and beautiful September light, while young freshers ambled eagerly along and members of the University Dance club jived on the pavement. It’s a remarkable place St Andrews.

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