seven hundred pound blue bottle on the seventeenth

It’s always nice to hear of the other caddies’ anecdotes. For instance Cologne Tom (it had to be!) and I think Matt were out with a group of Japanese golfers. Seemingly, on the stunning cliff top seventeenth green, they brought out a large hip flask and some little glasses and proceeded to pour out wee nips of Johnnie Walker blue label whisky. There was much smiling seemingly and a Japanese toast of some ancient variety involving a kind of group high five with fists and some poetic incantation.
They googled the whisky later and it seemingly retails at about ¬£700. I can’t think of a more special place to drink a wee dram and I reckon our Japanese friends thought so too. Although they said they had an ‘old whisky’ in another flask and I must admit I am curious to know what that was.
On a different front Alex, our plus 2 handicap caddie, was playing a district Alliance match in Forfar. He was alerted to a whistling noise quite early on in his round. It was a kind of tuneful whistle, clear and melodious, and Alex wished the guy would resist. I personally am not averse to whistling but I do think there is a time and place. Anyway Alex is a serious player and this was a serious game and the whistling continued. It was on the 12th par 3 that he was just set to make his shot and at the vital moment when people should stand still and be silent there was a very loud and clear resonance. Alex stood back annoyed and with some incredulity looked up to the tree behind him to see a parrot.
A Brazilian hyacinth macaw I believe.

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