Rumblings at the St Andrews Club

Our captain and vice-captain have just resigned with only one month of their office left over.

Intriguing what?

An EGM has been called and the town is abuzz with gossip as to what’s going on. People are holding impromptu meetings down at the New Club and everyone is really in a bit of a fair tizz over this.

So I shall be getting a front row seat at the EGM to hear the story.

Of course we don’t have this issue at my club Mortonhall in Edinburgh as we no longer really have any committee of any sort, as it was thought wise a few years back to run the club more like a serious business with a serious CEO, who is getting paid serious lucre by all accounts. This has now all gone a bit flat though as members are feeling divorced from the running of their beloved club. And they have a point as the greens are over-done to death, the bar prices are extortionate, the food is dull and expensive, a cheap pool table has now taken pride of place in the bar, the comfy leather armchairs have disparu, the CEO won’t put claret on the wine list nor answer emails thereof and they have destroyed the natural beauty of the entrance by putting a hideous fence around the putting green. I know not why?

Anyway, what a rugby match we had with New Zealand taking on Ireland in the quarter finals of the World Cup. You had to really feel for Ireland at the close as a rolling maul in the final moments actually got over the line but was incredibly held up. Somehow. I know not how. Poor Johnny Sexton looked gutted to the core and no wonder. It’s probably his last game for Ireland after an amazing career.

But it’s only a game. As is goff of course.

But what is happening down at the St Andrews Club? A vote of no confidence is a serious matter.

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