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So I won’t bore you with my thoughts on the rugger. The final on Saturday will speak for itself and I shall certainly be watching the game. As I thought the South Africans have got the blonde bombshell chappy back in the starting line-up. He is always good value to watch though. Wonderful hair. In fact I would say game-changing hair.

Now, I started talking to a chap yesterday who was in Taste and wearing a Carnegie Club top. I asked him about my old schoolmate Dave Thompson who had been the pro up at Skibo Castle for decades. And it turns out that Dave has just retired and is off to live in Spain.

Dave landed a brilliant position there after a brief foray into the professional ranks. He was top qualifier on the European Tour back in the day and had one full season out there with the big boys. He hardly made a cut, lost a tonne load of money into the bargain and got divorced too.

Dave is a character. He was an amazing all round sportsman. A fine full-back for Stewarts Melville and an awesome fast bowler. Oh those were the days! What an outfit we were. Rarely beaten, we shone brightly on sunny afternoons down at Ferryfield when life was one eternal dewy spring morn.

But let’s get off the sentimental bandwagon. There’s work to be done.

I’m 61 now. Gosh. Where did all that time go what?

All sped by rather. And here is me just starting off too, while all my friends sail off into the idyl of retirement.

But I have work to do. A new venture is on the horizon. Carpe diem and all that.

Watch this space.

Fare forward passengers.

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  1. The grand plan sounds very exciting. I’m watching this space with keen anticipation! It’s always better to starting of on something there is always so much potential!

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