R&A Town Match

I played in the annual Royal and Ancient versus the Town match yesterday on the Old Course and what a day we had.

My partner was Gunner from Oslo who is a radiologist and the most lovely chap. We were paired against R&A’s Richard Fraser, a charming lawyer from Auckland and Paul Moriarty, a most witty, Irish born Liverpudlian, who runs the R&A’s retail outfit and is based in Cupar.

This event is massive with about 800 competitors playing over three courses and then to’ing and fro’ing, with varying degrees of sobriety, between the three clubhouses afterwards, drinking, dining and bantering. It is a very great occasion and affords us all the opportunity to have a wee peep into the hallowed halls of the greatest golf institution and club in the world.

The house G and T’s, pints of lager, traditional Kummel and infamous claret were all flowing with remarkable ease, except the kilted caddie was being abstemious. However, the company was tremendous and sobriety is not the worst thing in the world. In fact to say that it is rather good for me is a huge understatement.

Now, what is happening in the world though? For heaven’s sake, the Russian thing beggars belief. These two chaps flying over to see Salisbury cathedral because so many of their friends said they must go and see it! Hmm. Sorry that doesn’t ring true boys. Besides you don’t look like cathedral appreciating types.

Theresa May must be so much wishing she never ventured into politics or at least never took that reflective walk in the country a couple of years back. Mind you she did put Boris into the Foreign Secretary’s job which shows massively poor judgement.

It will be fascinating to see how Brexit plays out though. I think the only real result will be that referendums will be constitutionally banned forthwith. That or they will have a Government health warning.

The Manafort situation could be most unnerving for a ‘no collusion’ Trump. And I am just wondering how much his net worth has increased since he took office?

Yes things may now get very interesting indeed.






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