Flying American Express Executives

I shouldn’t have really laughed but it was hard not too as lovely Siann, here for an American Express conference at the Fairmount, was thrown out head first from her golf buggy on the approach to the ninth tee. Of course her colleague Dave driving the buggy was mortified. However the stoic Siann jumped up immediately with her broad Korean smile and said she was fine.

Mexican playing partner, Eduardo, who I accompanied in a buggy had a wicked smile on his face and said ‘do you know what her job title is?’ and I said ‘No’ and he informed that she was head of risk and compliance.

Not the best pitch for Amex.  Mind you she did look quite elegant mid-flight all said.

I caused a few laughs from the gallery at the 18th on the Old course last Sunday mind, as I played in the 175th St Andrews Club invitational. I hit a fine drive just short of the green and the crowds must have thought I had some talent. However this was soon disproved as I dunked my chip short, had an awful putt into the valley of sin, and two further poor putts for a six. Possibly one of the worst finishes in the history of golf played on these links.

Brexit is hotting up and I’ve been most impressed by Dominic Raab who seems to have a great head on his shoulders and boy do we need someone like that at the moment. Ironically now, our Theresa may come well out of all this if she carries on in the Thatcherite mould.

Would that it were over though.

This Kavanaugh bloke seems about as credible as Trump. And in trying to support this man Trump must feel slightly like he is treading on waffer thin ice. Donald says ‘he’s right behind him’ . That’s hardly a swinging endorsement.

I’ll bet you were right behind Stormy at one point and look what happened there. Still, I suppose it’s only two accusations at the moment unlike the Trump dozen.

Boy has American politics gone mad.

I suppose I should say well done Tiger for your 80th PGA win but I still remember how you snubbed these three young autograph hunters at Carnoustie and that was just nasty.

One of the Russian spy suspects now seems to have had a different name. Bit of a major slip up old boy. It’s all looking massively tenuous for you chaps now, especially as you look much more akin to a couple of bruisers than cathedral spire lovers.







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