Priceless Cologne Tom

I was out with Calum and Cologne Tom yesterday and we had three guys from The Eden Club, which usually means that they are fairly successful in one way or another. For The Eden Club is not cheap where clients reside at the wonderful Pittormie Castle and are waited on hand and foot, I would expect.
However, you have to imagine the situation yesterday when our three clients John, Steve and Arnold teed off at the fourth. Now it’s been established that these chaps are pretty well heeled to say the least, owning their own companies in the leisure and corporate investment fields, so I expect they are used to a fair bit of obsequiousness.
However this was not to be with John, who Tom was caddying for. Unfortunately he hit an awful shot about 50 yards off the tee into deep rough. There were a few moments of quiet as normally follows a poor shot. But then Tom exclaimed loudly ‘That was pathetic!’
John didn’t say anything, Arnold broke down in laughter, Calum and I smiled knowingly at each other and Steve looked around at us with a look of astonishment on his face and laughed and joked that Tom wasn’t gunning on the tip front.
But Tom with his considerable charm gets away with this. And I tell you one thing is that it is an amazing ice breaker, for by the middle of that fairway the spirit of our group was lifted markedly and our guys were all relaxed and out with their best jokes and repartees.
Yes, Tom had set a lovely tone and we all knew that this playing field was indeed level.
Well apart from the hills that is.

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