Out with 88 year old Walter

What a fun and lovely day Cologne Tom and I had yesterday. We were out with four Brazilians who had just arrived for a ten day trip.
Tom caddied for petite Yvonne and got on like a house on fire from the start, and I had the bag of Walter who was a lithe and vigorous 88 year old. His grandson Rafael and Yvonne’s husband, another Walter, made up the group.
Now The Castle is one of the hardest, hilliest and longest courses in the area so I kind of thought my Walter would just play nine and call it a day. However I couldn’t have been more wrong. He demolished a hot dog at the turn, lit another cigar and jaunted up the path to the tenth and bashed a drive onto the green. And he carried on sprightly the rest of the round and didn’t seem to tire.
I asked of his grandson what his secret was and he inferred it was cigars, red wine and playing golf five days a week. He is seemingly called Tiger back at his home club in Brazil. And I think that is excellent and can’t help but feeling that I won’t be being called Tiger when I am 88. In fact more a large mammal marooned on a sand bank comes to mind.

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