on job seeking and Penman bridies

So here’s how it all started. I left Crail at 8am on a sunny Friday 13th of June, and of course , I naturally picked up a bridie from Penman’s to help me on my ten mile pilgrimage and job search into St Andrews.

My first stop was at St Andrews Bay where I enquired of a lovely man John Kerr about caddying prospects. Much to my surprise he immediately picked up his diary and pointed to groups for the following monday.’ Can you do them?’. ‘Yes but I’ve never seen the course’ I volunteered. This seemed no issue and I found myself walking away two minutes later with a course map and a job in the bag.

I strolled along towards the Castle course and thought I’d try my luck there too. The Caddie Master was a rather more gruff chap who looked me up and down and asked me about my credentials. He took my number and said he would speak to his boss. Not holding out much hope on this one I wandered into St Andrews. I got there by 11.30 which is not bad for an old man who is the wrong side of fifty. Meandering down Market Street my phone rang and it was the gruff chap asking if I could pitch up tomorrow at 11 am !

I thought I would treat myself by going to The Central for a pint of real cider. And so it was only 11.40am and I sat back with Old Rosie feeling rather pleased with myself. I’d walked half way round North East Fife, had two interviews and job offers, and been to the butchers.

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