‘I dislike yoghurt’

I am in the habit of popping into the University Library to read the papers and pretend that I’m young again. It’s a wonderful place, full of books and eager students beavering about.

Anyhow I couldn’t help overhear a fascinating conversation. Two girls eating yoghurt and debating its merits. Two very South Ken girls if you get my drift.

‘I dislike yoghurt’ said one which seemed a bit at odds with her behaviour and an interesting way of expressing the negative.

The other exclaimed how on earth she was to mix the the fruit with the yoghurt which I thought was not that tall an order, as she could either put some of the said fruit into the yoghurt section and mix or indeed vice versa. Anyway this challenge was surmounted as the other then exclaimed ‘this yoghurt is tart’ to which the other said ‘what does that mean?’ to which the other, now appreciating my interest in this, said quickly and slightly self consciously ‘bitter’. And the yoghurt discussion was then ended and a new word added to the vocabulary of a young St Andrews bejante.

But oh the students are fun to be around and it does take me back thirty five years. Not much has changed apart from an ongoing and severe hirsute challenge and a six pack which is now resembling a Walmart multi pack. Other things said I still feel the same, albeit the horizon has somewhat altered.

I saw they were doing up the Kinness Fry Bar again and was eagerly waiting to see if it was going to be resurrected, as it’s just at the end of the road. But no it’s going to be a Funeral Directors which means it’s not going to be good for a late night poke but only of residual, long term potential interest and value. More along the lines of a pop than a poke if you take my meaning. Different ends of the lifecycle.

Shame because I was a big fan of the fry bar and it didn’t cost you a mortgage for your supper like the ones we have in town now.

The nags have been running poorly although Rip Orf did come in by a nose to win the Victoria Cup at twenty five to one. We have Cyprus Creek at 800 to 1 for The Derby but I reckon there is about as much chance of landing that as me winning the club championship. Unfortunately I forgot to sign my card in the second qualifying round which wasn’t overly clever.

However some would say that is not wholly surprising and rather up to form.





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