eighteen loop week!

The chat about the St Andrews caddy world at the moment is that ‘turbo Neil’ did 18 loops last week. Now that is a significant number of rounds of golf. In fact eighteen.
Now this was quite timely as Alan and I were discussing recently how we would like to get into the two loops per day world of dedicated Old Course caddies. We both agreed that it would be a great idea and of course the money would not be unwelcome. (Alan is of a similar vintage to me having just knocked up a half century.) However that was the morning of the day of the thunderstorm when the sun had shone and all was bright.
We were out again the next morning and our thoughts had suddenly altered. And quite amusingly, we both independently had sudden u-turns in our perspectives. We kind of reasoned that one round was a very civilsed way to spend part of the day. It would allow us to free up the rest of the day and be able to live the dream. You know have coffee and chocolate brownies in Taste and the odd pint and pub lunch in Greyfriars.
And of course it wasn’t that we are lacking fitness to manage the two rounds per day. We were both manifestly agreed upon that.

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