Caddie shack chat

A big group of caddies were in the shack this morning and the talk was all about the Texan party.
Peter recounted how his man had a putt on the infamous 4th green which has a huge valley in it. Seemingly the chap hit a putt from the top of the green and it ran off the putting surface. The guy then looked at Peter and said ‘you could have told me it was (swear word) downhill!’. He then just said ‘sand wedge’ in disgruntled tones. Peter then walked intentionally slowly back to his bag to get the requested club. I thought at this point he should have presented the man with his chicken salad piece and do a kind of Manuel in Fawlty Towers miscomprehension act. I mean what a make or break that could have been.
Young medic Rory said his man had serious temper issues. Early on he threw his club which hurtled through the air marginally missing him but less marginally Andrew. Rory was not quite sure of the guy’s intention and was highly sceptical (as there had been a massive clubbing issue on the approach shot which he subsequently duffed). All the caddies made a point of being a safe distance from this chap the rest of the round.
Rory said his man had a sudden transformation walking down the 18th when he got much more mellow and tried to be amiable. And Rory said that it was amusing that the subject of their conversation was anger.
And I am convinced that this group were on an anger management course. However I am not at all sure that competitive golf is a good way to tackle this. Well at least not when innocent well meaning caddies are around.

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