‘back in 1987’

I caddied for a most interesting chap yesterday on the New Course. He was a former Pebble Beach pastor who had turned himself into a top leadership guru, writer and motivational speaker. He was a canny golfer into the bargain and hit a pretty mean ball from tee to green.

He was funny too, and on hitting his best shots would hearken back to the old adage in his musical southern drawl ‘yeh just like back in 1987’ . Not sure what happened in 1987 but the way he said it, and with his timing, it became increasingly funny throughout the round. The guy certainly had charm and wit in bucketfuls. The other guys in the group were in a state of obsequious reverence.

I enquired more about his writing as I have a wee interest in that side of things, and it turns out this guy is the biggest non fiction writer in the world, having sold 25 million books and is just finishing off his hundred and second, on people realising their capacity. Well I would say John was certainly at pretty full capacity. He seemingly gives speeches to several million people annually, has 22 million followers on twitter and is involved in fifty blogs.

I felt slightly abashed at my own level of writing achievement to date and indicated that my blog hadn’t quite hit the headlines yet, but I had received a comment from a nice chap in Honk Kong who liked it.

I wonder what his new book is called?

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