Undone by bold john barleycorn

The kilted caddie tried his hand at the Tam O’Shanter recital competition at The Globe Inn in Dumfries last week. It is an annual event to award a trophy to the best recitation of the titanic Robert Burns poem about the hazards of indulging in our national drink whisky, aka John Barleycorn. It should be read by any visitor to these lands who dares to partake in our national treasure and glorious golden reserve.
The Globe was filled with many keen Burnsians and the judging panel was headed by the President of The World Burns Federation. It is a fine wee howff which was frequented by our bard. Small, cosy and conducive to songs and banter and clatter.
Six performers come here annually and tackle the most august of Burn’s poems.
Anyhow the kilted caddie was going swimmingly in his performance until he indeed got to ‘inspiring bold John Barleycorn’ where he stumbled and fell. How surprising for him to get to it and not for it to get him for a change!
Well other than in a kind of poetic way.

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