Trump’s spine is the shape of a dollar sign

Sorry, but I’ve finally had it with the nonsense being espoused by Mr Make America Great Again.

He said he initially found as credible, the ridiculous statement released by the Saudi authorities regarding the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi? (and oh yes it appears now that Mr Khashoggi is indeed dead after all. Just a small point, but thanks for letting us know, especially of course his fiancee, who had been waiting outside rather a long time)

But what Donald? Anyone with half a brain cell could see what they were initially saying was not credible. And you inanely say ‘Yes’.  If this was anywhere near credible then it would make the Russian story of two bruisers having a cathedral time in Salisbury look half reasonable. But no, it’s all thinly veiled, drastically poor and desperate cover up stuff. Like the Macy window sill facade that is you.

But this sort of atrocity has got to be addressed and immediately. You stupid half-souled, pigeon livered oaf.

We all know that the only reason that you find their story credible is that they are investing 461 billion into American ‘things’. Yes your words. And of course I am wondering just how much is being invested in Donald’s things? That’s what’s credible here and the only thing that is credible here.

This amoral muppet show across the pond has got to end. And soon.

Our Brexit bash is bad enough. Poor Theresa. She was thrown one of the biggest hospital passes in the history of UK politics. I expect it will have to end now by going back to the country and making a great mockery of the constitutional political process into the bargain. But it would be most British that way and I suppose a whole lot better than having a rotten imbecile like Donald calling the shots.

My golf is erratic as ever I’m afraid. I drove the par 4 twelfth on the Old for the third time in a row in the final medal of the year, but again failed to hit the 18th green from 50 yards (for the third time in a row), this time hitting a tremendous thin through the back. I guess I’m not a gallery player.

Had a wee punt on Man Utd as they were 18 to 5 against Chelsea which was just a ridiculous price. However, on hearing they were 2-1 up with ten minutes to go, when I was on the 11th tee of the Old, I wished I’d taken my phone out on the course, to lay the bet. And of course sods bloody law the Blues score in the 7th minute of extra time. That’s kind of been the gambling story of my summer I’m afraid.

My caddying ended on Saturday with a no show and on a sour note.

The guys had paid their green fees but decided not to turn up. I asked the boss if I would be able to get a nominal fee from the Fairmont for my spoiled trip and day. (I was supposed to go to Edinburgh on Friday). He looked pained and said that the clients hadn’t paid anything up front for the caddies. I accepted this but intimated that a fair gesture may be to contra a bit from the green fees paid (over £200) to the soul caddie who had pitched up. He looked shaken and said that money had been separately paid for the green fees. I said yes true but they didn’t play? And maybe giving the caddie who did turn up twenty quid would be right and proper.

But no.

It appears that all caddying authorities stink around here then. The St Andrews Links Trust extort a fiver each day, from every caddie, to fund the ‘administration’ of their caddie program (as if the huge green fee income isn’t enough, but I suppose the top bods have their bonus’s to consider. It is a charity after all)

And they acted like a pathetic and ugly totalitarian dictatorship in requesting to see all my writing before I sent it for publication.

What a bloody cheek and affront to my liberty as a writer. It’s Scotland not Saudi Arabia, boys.

Hang caddying.


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