Trump and goff

I see Trump took refuge on one of his golf courses the other day. I wonder if he scored well? Perchance another course record?

Presumably yes.

But who was he trying to fool by scoring well? His playing partners? The press? His obviously fragile ego?

And thereby he insinuates that people are generally fools? Or he doesn’t care? Because cheating at goff is most apparent and nearly always exposed.

I always go back to this very successful businessman playing a competition with my brother who was marking his card. The poor chap scored a six and tried to fob it off as a five. His retort when challenged ‘no a net 5’ !

A statement that is too untenable and ridiculous for words. But the pathetic man did try this on.

And now President Donald Trump has taken such behaviour to a whole different level on the world stage.

His election antics belong to late primary school years at the limit. Any reasonable mind should grasp the hopelessness of his stance. I mean even Iwanka has distanced herself, if not, Don and Eric. But they’re surely as thick as they come.

Maybe Donald might finally learn some humility from all this.

It’s not sir, all about winning.

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