The Kilted Caddie is getting into socks

No, I don’t mean putting on socks as I’m presently in bed and not in the habit of wearing such attire there. I mean commercially. I am just fed up with the lacklustre and unimaginative designs available in the old sock market. And I for one consider socks important. I am not Albert Einstein.

So I thought I’d do some market research, breezed into Auchterlonie’s the other day and in a corner found their pitiful FJ collection in black and grey and would you believe it, yes white. And a tenner a pair. Sock that.

I did come across one pair last summer in the Tom Morris collection which is rather becoming and attractive (and expensive), in navy and burnt orange stripes and it is my want to wear them on days out to Edinburgh. You could say they are my Edinburgh socks as such and I must admit I do get the odd person clocking them. The burnt orange does rather go with my presently tanned legs. I wasn’t a florist for ten years for nothing you know.

Anyway, I want bright colours and nice combinations thereof. I want cerise pinks, mustards, luminous lime greens and electric blues. I want socks that get noticed and colours that work together.

I see that crowd from Royal and Awesome have begun to take the initiative with their brightly coloured golf trousers. They have a brilliant name and are tapping into a huge market, which John Daly and Loud Mouth have done in the States. Shame about their socks though! As a matter of fact, I was out with a lovely chap Adrian from Toronto yesterday, who had bought a pair of plus twos from Royal and Awesome. Bright orange and white diamond. However he couldn’t get a pair of socks to match them.
This, of course, goes for the kilt sock market too. They are well behind the times and even the trendy and forward looking Howie at 21st Century Kilts in Edinburgh has not cottoned on yet.

So enter the kilted caddie line in sock design. Slanj! Hose!

Anyone got a sock making machine and some spare dye?

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