Tennent’s back at The Dunvegan

I notice that they’ve at last seen the light in the Dunvegan and got Tennent’s Lager back on tap. I could not understand for one minute minute (ie a very small moment in time) why they took it off. Sheena had mentioned some wishy washy cost issue thing. Cost issue at The Dunvegan! They just bagged over 3 million quid for the place.

Remember, this is Tennent’s Lager that we are talking about. The Dunvegan is reputedly the no 1 golf bar in the world. It’s in the Home of Golf, Scotland. So not having Tennent’s was a shocking faux pas, like trying to pretend we don’t have a monster in Loch Ness, that Irn Bru is not made from girders, that Scotsmen wear something under their kilts.

It’s a national treasure with a capital T. Old Tom’s tonic. A caddie’s tipple of choice.

Now you certainly don’t want to upset them.

ps Old Tom Morris is a regular at the Dunvegan and can be seen of an evening, usually between seven and nine.

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