Swedish virologist had huge point

Yes I remember listening with great interest to the Swedish virologist chap who masterminded that country’s alternative response to the Covid pandemic.

And what he said most presciently was that once you are into a lockdown, it’s very hard to come out of it.

I don’t think this was at the forefront of Boris and clan’s minds’ as they quickly put the UK into a full scale lockdown back in March. And I suppose that’s very understandable. But what truth is in the statement now as our country struggles to get back to work and find a coherent policy and way forward. It’s become a nightmare and you just feel that the political response is very unsatisfactory and just wildly shooting in the dark.

It bodes very badly for the UK economy for sure and I don’t see any easy way back now. You just have to be very surprised that there’s not been a much bigger hit on the stock market. The jobs market is getting dire and heaven help the many independent business’s on the edge of all this.

And in the meantime we seem to have forgotten all about Brexit.

But what a relief that is.

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