Seniors Golf

Today is a big day for me.

I’m playing at 11.20am on the Old against Adrian Simpson in the first round of a St Andrews Golf Club match play competition, The Seniors Cup!

Does that mean I’m old? Plus 55, over the hill, downward trajectory, past it, yesterday’s man, and all that?

Not a whit! I’m in fine shape and feel like a thirty year old, albeit the hair’s flown and I’m not allowed to eat and drink for Scotland anymore. But that’s a very good thing indeed.

My golf is also showing latent potential. I’m now much more cognizant of the dynamics of the golf swing. In fact I’m hitting it as far as ever and it even goes straight sometimes.

But of course, this old age lark is relative as well. My friend Azzie was telling me about Dr Carrie who is in fine form at 88, still getting his 3 rounds a week and managed to get out practicing on the West Sands, every day, all throughout lockdown.

Hope I’m able to do that in 30 years time. And maybe be able to join him in the ranks of the Bautherwhillery Club too.

But that’s another matter.

Hope springs eternal and all that.

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