Russian party and meeting Tim of Golf Punk

What a glorious day we had yesterday at The Castle and especially for our party of Russian visitors, from Moscow, who had brought a Golf Punk film crew alongside. Why not? I know that when I did the golf tourism bit, it went down a storm as we video’d a group of well heeled Swiss gents. It’s great to capture the special moments of a tour on film, savoury and not so. Mind you one of our guys drove the 18th green on The Old and I’m sure he will thank us to eternity for capturing that on film. Mind you we had to mock up the ball rolling onto the green as, early one September morning I threw a ball from forty yards off, which rolled up the valley of sin to twenty five feet. However it did the trick!
Now I was impressed by the Golf Punk crew. A bunch of good blokes with a great sense of fun and love of the game. And I’m sure they will go far, especially with the name ‘Golf Punk’ itself. However, I discovered that the company was formerly established in the name of ‘Keep Yourself Nice Ltd’. Now that is just sheer class. These guys are going to break down barriers in a world which needs it. It reminds me when I had a small skiing company which we called ‘The Big Fun Company’. Kind of gives an idea of what you’re about. And by God we did.
Anyway I caddied for Steve a lovely hedge fund manager who played with the gusto of the late Severiano Ballesteros and made for an entertaining and enjoyable round. He was massively energized and would shout and punch the air in ecstasy. It’s great to see someone visibly enjoy their golf so much.
Yes we need more energy in the game. Welcome Golf Punk.

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