Rumours of my blackballing

An old friend the other day annoyed me. He asked my present handicap which I said was 6.7 and he said ‘very good but you won’t get any lower’. He actually said it twice. Now I wonder why he would say that? Does he have the fantastical secret of future vision? Then tip-top, but please give me more helpful insights than the state of my future golf handicap.

Tell me for example if I will get my membership back at Mortonhall Golf Club after I gave it up a few years back. To be honest I am now slightly anxious after a throw away comment that someone made at their recent invitation silloth competition which I had the pleasure of being invited to. Yes take note, I was actually invited. I think the words were ‘I hear there are a few blackballs in the bag already …’ as he lobbed in a knowing smile.

Hmm that’s a worry, because I did hear that Tam was not allowed back in recently. Seemingly they had a meeting of four past captains to discuss the matter and the unanimous verdict was a big and emphatic No. Lucky I suppose that it was unanimous as that could have been one long debate at a 2.2 draw. I would have paid dearly to have listened into it.

Tam by all accounts went up to Swanston, got chucked out of there for some reason and then proceeded to Liberton where the rumour now is that he is currently suspended for making a fuss over the fact that they turned the TV off after the first half of the Euro 21 Final, as they were closing early for something called Covid.

Tam is no shrinking violet of course and makes his point loud (very) and clear. It’s a shame though that Mortonhall will miss out on such a colourful character. They have indeed retained some more questionable ones.

No one is perfect. Not even moi.

Anyway, time will tell with respect to my future at Mortonhall and indeed my golf handicap. Unless anyone can enlighten me further now of course?

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