reflections on the game of gowff

I caddied for a lovely gentleman yesterday, Danny from Minnessota who was out on a business trip for a week. He didn’t play well but was most accepting and treated me with the utmost respect. In fact I think he said ‘thank you sir’ every time I handed him a club. Now that was a lot of thank you sirs.
Anyway we got on to talking about the game and he said he loved it and made the important point that it was a game against yourself. But he also said it was illuminating from a work perspective as it gave an opportunity to see people, colleagues and customers, in a very different light. He implied that you’re in a position where you are exposed and can’t shift the blame. There are no excuses, or support mechanisms, apart from the sometimes (hithersaid) vulnerable caddie.
He added that he had been very amused by the antics of a fellow senior collegue who had by all accounts really let himself down in front of the CEO. And all over a two and a half foot missed putt. On the 18th and for a bogey at that. And I would surmise that the chap had a double bogey on that hole.
Anyway it was a delight to caddy for Danny, and thank you sir for such wise reflections on our auld game.

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