Open Tickets for 12th July

Hi guys. Hope everyone is getting excited about The Open next week.

I have four tickets available at £45 each for Tuesday’s practice day which promises to be a hot idyllic one in our golfer’s paradise. These are tickets from a South African friend who unfortunately can’t make it anymore.

Everyone, remember to keep hitting it low and straight, apart from on dog-legs.

Outwith that I had a great fun day caddying at Fairmont this morning with the lovely Mo and Paul from Boston.

What very nice people. We had a good few laughs.

I start my new concierge job at the hotel on Sunday.

It’s going to be wild.

Interesting stuff on the political front with Bojo the Dodo.

I really can’t cope with this self-obsessed narcissistic freak who thinks he’s a Winston Churchill out to save us all.

A deluded spoilt brat from Eton with a silver tongue maybe, but unfortunately for him it’s all come via a silver spoon too.

He (miraculously) on two occasions didn’t get the Marcus Rashford school meal thing and he certainly isn’t getting that he’s no longer wanted as leader of our country.

Go and do us all a big favour Bojo.

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