On meeting Stan

I saw him at the bus stop last week. Church Street about 4.45 pm. We were waiting for the 95 that goes down the coast through the fishing villages to Leven and there was this affable, distinguished looking guy alongside a few others. I just knew it had to be Stan.

The 95 arrived and it seemed that everyone was getting on and Stan courteously let us in front of him and gave a kindly wee smile. I should have said ‘thanks Stan’ but just missed the moment. And I am just wondering what the reaction would have been had I said it. I suppose he may have asked ‘how do you know my name is Stan?’ and I would have said ‘well it has to be ‘ and followed it by ‘I’ve been looking for you for years’. At this point I am sure Stan would have been lost for words at this rather unattractive, bald 55 year caddie bloke coming out with that chat. And I surmise that the conversation would have died pretty promptly. For social anthropologists are a rather cute bunch and he may have thought that I’d rather missed my bus for Stratheden.

Anyhow I have now met Stan. Must tell Eilidh.

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