on being unimpressed by a yum yum

There is a widely held conception amongst the caddying fraternity that a yum yum from Fisher and Donaldson is the ultimate in patisserie delight. I tried one this week and was most unimpressed. Give me a fudge doughnut any day!
But life can’t get much better than this – a round under your belt on The Old Course, the sun shining mid morning, a jaunt up North Street to Salvatore’s for a double shot ‘forte’ americano and a fudge doughnut. You can’t really beat that. I mean some people might contest that the fifth pint of Old Rosie has a certain transcendent effect. Maybe so but I’m a new wave style caddie and I’m going for the caffeine and sugar high.
It’s graduation week here and lots of self conscious students are strolling round town with proud parents in tow. And of course they are all talking about the historicity of St Andrews, the University’s position on the Guardian ratings list and Suarez’s penchant for biting.
Well all I can say is that it was poor, but just can’t blame him for having a bit of a taste for Italien, even though there is World cuisine out there.
I’ve got ten loops under my belt now and am beginning to read lines with some confidence. I met a very interesting caddie yesterday who strolled into the shack with designer sun glasses,deep tan, floppy Rupert Brooke hair and was most elegantly attired. I mean he looked like he should be on some red carpet at Cannes. Anyway he immediately took out a bottle of cologne and offered me some. Now this kind of surprised me a bit. I mean if I was going out on a hot first date and doing my utmost to impress the young lady (well now not so young!) I would indeed splash something scented on. However if I’m going out to carry the bag of some sweaty seventeen stone male American then no. I just ain’t doing that.

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