Old Course Tee Times

I had heard the stories about people rising early to get their name on a waiting list in order to play The Old Course. But only this week friends from Korea had to result to this option after being unsuccessful in the ballot.
As a last resort, dedicated golfers have to pitch up at the starters box on The Old Course and wait for cancellations or no shows on the day. Now I thought about 4.30 am was a pretty early call to get high up on the waiting list, but my friends went there on Wednesday and found themselves behind twenty other enthusiasts! They didn’t get a game.
So yesterday they arrived at 2.30 am and found nine people before them! I’ll call that commitment and am wondering whether the R and A shouldn’t offer all night shelter and free coffee and bacon rolls for these determined individuals.
Unfortunately, the starter yesterday was of the officious type and was requiring evidence of their playing ability by wanting to see their handicap certificates, which were in Korea! I’ll call that a bit harsh. If a guy flies across the world and gets up at one in the morning to travel from Dundee to play golf you have to assume he has more than a passing interest in the game.
Anyway the evidence was duly faxed from Korea and my friends were delighted to get to play together, at midday, on a glorious summer’s day.

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