Ok this is complicated

I heard that it would be a good thing for Theresa to now fully explain her deal to all MP’s.

That’s not a good place to be at this stage of the game. If MP’s haven’t yet got a full grasp of it, what then about Jo Bloggs in the country?

And wasn’t it our vote which decided to get us out? Sorry but I took it literally.

To be fair she has made it complicated by trying to take the middle ground and steer a deal. But that’s proving impossible. And I suppose it comes down to the principle of leaving and an understanding of what Brexit meant? Indeed if David Cameron knew what it meant? That’s actually a huge one. Maybe it’s as simple as giving him a quick call and clearing the whole matter up.

But I think it will now go back to the country and a rather salient lesson is learned when coming to ask Jo Public again.

Anyway to more important issues. My golf.

My swing is going through a Brexit crisis and it’s causing havoc with my scoring. It’s awful and pitiful and painful. Anyway, I’m out on the Old today in the first medal of the year. So here’s hoping. I’m taking out my new Ballesteros swing number 3426.

Our bistrot is coming on nicely and things are shaping up. Although I’ve forgotten what a pig, building can be. Albeit I’m still massively cynical after our last architect on the flat got his measurements wrong and blew the design he had proposed. He might have told us before we got the builders in though. Suppose he may have been a bit embarrassed, and justifiably so.

We haven’t got a name yet! Coming to a consensus on this is well nigh impossible. I like The Crazy Duck. It’s memorable at least. A bit crazy. But what the…

I was in Edinburgh yesterday and went to Bertie’s, the new 250 seater fish and chips emporium, on Victoria Street  and was well impressed with what they’ve done with the building. Some of the views from the second floor are stunning. And I was amused with their sign, intimating that they were indeed selling ‘proper fish and chips’. I guess I have been eating improper ones to date.

The horses are not coming at the moment and that’s not great on the investment front. Not making money yet this year I’m afraid. This is a long waiting game. A bit like salmon fishing I suppose but without the hip flask.

But at least I am not in America! God forbid. what the hell is going on there? How complicated and thoroughly messed up is that. Manafort, the campaign chairman, swanning off to Madrid to cut a deal with some Ukrainian bods to enable him to pay off some Russian oligarch chappy. And Trump maintaining there was no collusion. But then his lawyer having to backtrack by saying that he just meant there was no collusion between the president and Russia, after the Manafort revelation was exposed. Unfortunately Trumpy chops had tweeted something entirely different on the matter.

It’s all horribly entangled and mighty suspicious looking. I guess that’s what happens when there’s too much money flying around.

Would that were my problem.






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