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I’m afraid that I’ve had zero inspiration in digging up a title for this post but thought I’d go with the flow as I’m sitting in Starbucks of a morning as is my Edinburgh want, having just had my bacon breakfast deal in Greggs, which is four bits of decent bacon and a morning roll plus a very reasonable cup of coffee for a very reasonable £3.10.

Now, I always thought that the scottish rugby captain, Stuart Hogg, had the look of a painfully arrogant and self-absorbed man who believes he’s a bit above the rules and a bit above his fellow men. A bit like Bojo in fact but probably, by the looks of it (and yes I mean physical) lacking a good deal of Bojo’s mental faculties.

And indeed, it was borne out last Saturday when he, the captain, and four other team members thought it ok to go into an Edinburgh bar after coming back victorious from Rome. Which of course was against protocol and a pretty dumb thing to do if they believed they could get away with it. Maybe Hoggy thought he could frame it as a ‘meeting’ and that that argument may hold tight if push came to shove. Ok there were a few drinks getting splashed around but who cares about that.

But most likely he just believes that he’s above the rules because he’s such a good rugby union fullback, has macho tatoos, a pretty cute haircut and a very high opinion of himself.

Again just like Mr Bojo, who clearly thinks that he can do anything because he has such, such beautiful golden locks (yes that emphasis was important here!), is a major sex deal, a somewhat PM and can quote argument-deflecting Greek stuff, ‘hecatombs of pigs’ nonetheless.

It seems clear though that this is what a bit of power, vanity and mass idolatry can do to people. I mean on the back of that, let’s face it, even that most nauseating of little twits, Matt Hancock, was able to bag a fairly attractive bird. Although what she was quite thinking about one will never know.

Isn’t it a shame that there aren’t more humble and decent role-model leaders floating around these days.

Hirsutely challenged ones even.

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