New Year Swing Thoughts

I have had a Damascene moment in the kitchen with my pitching wedge.

Musing over my golf swing and decidedly being of the opinion that the fundamental part is the first foot back in the takeaway, I am now going to focus on my belly. Not in terms of diet of course, but to use my stomach to turn and swing the arms and club away from the ball. Yes, I’ve just been getting a tad too wristy and feel this should do the trick.

We have had some huge quotes come in for the building work at our bistrot development in Edinburgh and I am now of the opinion that building work is a very expensive thing indeed. I daresay if I had my time again I’d be learning a whole load more about roughing, electricals and plumbing works. In fact my accountant says that his plumber is the richest bloke on his books. However, and unfortunately, I am too old and I may just have to shut myself in a room and cultivate my soul now.

I have also had my fill with architects. We are presently initiating a legal claim against our St Andrews architect, after his drawings didn’t appear to fit the site dimensions. He had the audacity to intimate that this didn’t matter from his legal perspective, as we had been granted the building warrant from the council and that’s all we asked him for. Sorry squire that is just not true and you know that. So four grand to get building warrant drawings! and which included two schoolboy error mismeasurements! Listen bud, I didn’t sally up the Forth yesterday.

Well, I am no Sherlock but I would suggest to the architect man that the council would probably be accepting prima facie that the drawings actually fitted the space, and that he has a professional responsibility along those lines? Because that is err, an architects job? (and indeed blow me but maybe it didn’t strike the man but we did intend to carry out the building work. That’s normally why people employ architects. No kidding! We are just not in the game of collecting building warrants per se. So making sure the drawings fit the space was obviously, de facto important).

Or am I missing something here? Just presuming that this should be the case? To measure things correctly?! And if you get an architect to design something that it actually works? Like an auditor wouldn’t sign off on a company’s accounts when it was illiquid! Well unless, I suppose, it’s Carillion and you’re a partner at KPMG? But they employed me for goodness sake!

So I am not a happy Hector with respect to building works and up their arse architects at the moment. In fact, hang building!

The students are dripping back into St Andrews and are perhaps wishing they’d stayed at home as it’s decidedly cold. Still it’s nice to see the fresh, eager young faces. How it makes me hearken back to the fall of 1979. Alas when I was a young bejant!

Anyway a new year is upon us and lets hope it brings bright cheer, a few firsts at Musselburgh, a single digit handicap, weight loss, non rip-off builders and straight architects that can measure properly.

Hope springs eternal or something along those lines!

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