My golf mission

I’m on a mission with respect to my golf. Covid inspired albeit. But I’ve now got the bit firmly between my teeth and am to be honest, feeling rather buoyant.

You see I’ve been struggling for an awfully long time with the golf swing dynamic. Forty five years to be exact.

No golf teacher has ever really been able to help me. So now I’ve been forced to do it myself and analyze my own swing. Video is an invaluable tool indeed for this. But so is looking at You tube videos. I’ve found them incredibly helpful.

Dare I say it, but I do feel I’ve made huge progress over the past couple of weeks. Of course, I hear you say that we’ve been here before. And yes we have. But this is the nature of this devilish beast.

However, I went out last week and tried something after watching a video on Sergio. The transformative effect on my game was instant and striking. Of course, I can’t at the moment reveal what I changed. But I can tell you that I went out on the Old and shot my best ever score of 75, off back tees and followed this up a few days ago when I was one over for eleven of the first twelve holes.

Now my handicap is presently 8 and I’m giving myself a year to see what I can accomplish. I’m incredibly bullish of course but I’m an incredibly bullish kind of guy.

Of course, this may be yet another false dawn to add to the hundreds of previous ones. But I feel differently this time and my swing is finally looking like a real golf swing as opposed to the Jim Furyk/Eamon D’Arcy, loopy, octopus falling out of a tree having an epileptic fit thing, that I’ve been struggling with for decades. Torturing myself and numerous golf instructors along the way.

Of course time will tell.

Please keep reading and I’ll keep you posted.





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