Mourinho ho ho ho!

Santa has come nice and early for the Manchester United manager in that he is getting a 10 million quid pay-off for getting sacked.

That’s quite a cool deal considering he’s been earning 15 million a year anyway and showing about as much skill in picking a winning side as me picking a nag to run first or a profitable stock.

Yes, I actually watched his last match as manager against Liverpool and was dismayed that he had put Pogba and Martial on the bench. Ok Martial did come on in the 80th minute but then it was all over.

Jose, even I know that Pogba and Martial should be on the pitch. Come on man.

Most interesting was the comment in the Times article which said that ‘United have to bring in a footballing expert to work with the next manager’

What the …..? Doesn’t the manager at this stratospheric level have the ability to know the game? It’s not bloody chess or bridge. You try and get the ball into the opposing teams net as many times as possible and try not to let them get it in your net. Even David Beckham understood this.

No, it’s all beyond me this football craziness. If I was manager of a team I would encourage small passes into space and bar anyone from shooting outside 15 yards. Simple. Keep it simple. And preferably put your best players on the pitch, and from the start.

Simple. Not like American or British politics may I venture to say. I am not sure which is in a bigger mess or the bigger laughing stock?

Trump has got some egg on his face now with his charitable Foundation and he’s thought it expedient to close it down. Call me massively cynical? Yes.

Cohen has got three years in the nick for his obsequiousness to a flouncy haired, smug faced charlatan businessman and conman politician, likely rapist, self-admitted pussy grabber, overall boor, and not very nice and all that terrific a person.

Flynn, the ex-national bloody national security advisor, is getting rapped presently for lying to the FBI and attempting the pitiful defense that he thought it was all just a wee chat.

A wee chat with the FBI? Heaven forbid. Pass me a glass of something strong.

No. it’s not looking great for Trumpy at the moment, with Mueller soon to be coming a knocking and already 17 litigation counts down and mounting. He needs some charity I expect but not from his Foundation because that’s closed doon!

But we have our Brexit bombshell over here to worry about. It is one big muddle and both the top players are struggling to make the next move.

It’s one bloody mess that’s for sure. The only way now is to give it back to the people to see if they want another referendum on it? The politicians are never going to find the right way out. The recriminations will otherwise last for centuries.

In the last scenario and as I’ve said before we should be bringing on Dad’s Army and my good man Arthur.

And this indeed may have been prescient.

As, didn’t I hear the other day that a few thousand troops were being lined up?

The Home Guard, perchance?




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