Meeting Nancy Lopez

It was rumoured that the legendary Nancy Lopez was in town and was due up at the Castle. The owner of the Dunvegan was seen trawling the Old Course for her and that is always a strong sign (although I wish she would put as much energy into her kitchen as she does into tracking celebrities).

Anyway, it was confirmed that Nancy Lopez is here as my player yesterday, had a picture taken with her at Kingsbarns the previous day. Today, I had the privilege of meeting her and what a delight it was too. She was very down to earth and friendly, and little wonder that she is a great ambassador to the game and has just been honoured at a Masters ceremony.

She had brought across a group of forty players and four golf pros and was giving daily clinics on different aspect of the game. One of her top pros Therese was in my group and was delightful. It made me laugh as her bag had one of Nancy’s nineteen steps emblazoned on it ‘play happy’. And I think that is marvellous and enriching. Our fourball was made up with the characterful Marge and Ebbe from Chicago and the impressive LGA teaching boss and pro, Nancy Henderson.

They all did ‘play happy’ and had a tremendous game with much fun. Everyone, caddies and all, had a great day. It was interesting that the group of forty were asked to put down in a few words what golf was to them. Now not one of them mentioned ‘scoring’.

Now how refreshing is that?

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