Jimmy and the cerise pink golf bags

I had a laugh today as I was out with Jimmy again, who is a massive character. And I had to tease him because he somehow picked two lovely cerise pink golf bags on the trot. Now you have to picture Jimmy to get the context of this because he is thick-set and has large black gothic skeleton tattoos up each substantial leg. He has a very broad Fife accent, a wicked sense of humour and a wry smile. The tourists must love him because he is a real piece of Scotland, and a sizeable piece of Scotland at that.
He was telling me how he caddied at the Dunhill last year and was taken over to Carnoustie in the guy’s private helicopter, which Jimmy loved. He apparently said to the chap after he got a very reasonable tip ‘Ya (small swearword), you didnae have to pay me as well!’
Seemingly the guy was quite taken with our Jimmy, phoned him at Christmas and wants him back this year.

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