I never got on Radio 4

I was lying in bed on Saturday morning and I got a rather unusual call from a nice sounding chap who said he was from Radio 4, had seen my blog and thought it would make an interesting wee piece for me to talk about the art of caddying and give a tip for The Masters. Realising that this was no April fool as a week had passed since that prankster day I felt rather chuffed.

In fact so chuffed I got pretty dolled up in a bohemian radio 4 way with Tom Morris royal blue and mustard streaked socks, Walker Slater overcoat and Upper Nagoya grey silk scarf worn in a Bloomsbury way (or a la Bloomsbury let us say) and headed determinedly and airily to the BBC Studio in Edinburgh on Sunday morning.

I had a rather enjoyable time talking with the most pleasant guy on the line from London. They said it was just the stuff they were after and I felt it went pretty well. So it was a big downer when I got a call an hour before broadcast to say that unfortunately the tone of my piece did not sit well with the stuff going on in Syria at the moment. And yes I can’t argue with that.

Anyway that was a fun experience and the nearest I’ll ever get to be being heard on The World at One.

On the positives for the week I was successful at my first interview for the Scottish tour guide course, I got two compliments on how well I’m looking, albeit from men and Show on the Road came in at the 2.35 at Exeter.

As a matter of fact, my unbroadcast tip for The Masters was the winner, Patrick Reed. And at the moment I’m just not quite sure how so many radio 4 listeners are ever going to get over this.

Not that I expect many radio 4 listeners avidly follow the kilted caddie blog.





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