I can’t do stand up

I’m afraid I rather bombed at my stand up debut the other night. It was a pretty grim experience all told. But at least I know now I suppose that it’s really probably not for me. It was a bit like trying to swim in a pool of treacle, gasping to remember my set and fighting like a madman to retrieve stuff from somewhere in my hippocampus. It was altogether exhausting.

But at least I tried I suppose and I actually got a very sweet email to that effect from the incredibly lovely lady, Julia Chamberlain, at the Gilded Balloon. She is a star. Thank you Julia. These were very kind words.

What I really got wrong was to try and write and recount my set verbatim I think. Whereas real or true stand up should be much more free and spontaneous, originating and developing from a series of cues I expect. I think Eddie Izzard just uses a list of pointers from which he builds upon. It’s a real skill and one that I don’t have I think. Or at least I went about it wholly the wrong way.

Anyway I will keep you posted. I’ve got a trial at a restaurant called Wildfire on Rose Street this Friday. It’s run by Greg and his sister Lesley who appear to be very nice people indeed and seem to run a very decent place with zero egos flying around by the sounds of it. I’m really looking forward to working in a place like that.

As I’m looking forward to playing in the Mortonhall Championship qualifying this Saturday with some old chums and the knock-outs of the St Andrews Championship next week. Albeit I’m in division 2 now.

Thanks again to the amazing Julia Chamberlain at the Gilded Balloon. That woman has a very big heart indeed.

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