Get to FIFA!

I am struggling to believe FIFA’s decision in attempting to still play the Russia World Cup games against Poland etc. Albeit on neutral territory and all that. But to try and get the game played at all in this critical moment in civilization’s history. To fail to make the proper stance. I am incredulous. Thankfully Poland etc have decided themselves not to play and rightly called the FIFA decision ‘disgraceful’.

I heard David Moyes, the West Ham manager, say that football has such power to make itself heard or something along those lines on the radio yesterday. No David. Your governing body has just acted with a pitiful lack of backbone.

Mind you, I do recall that you were the man who decided to put your cat-kicking striker in the team two days after he had been exposed for his dreadful act. Indeed you started an interview about it by saying that you were an animal lover? An animal lover sans a thing called a brain. (David old boy ‘sans’ is the French word for ‘without’ , marvellously utilized in a speech in Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ about the infirmities of old age. And Shakespeare is an English writer)

For the love of Christ David and FIFA get your act together. Somethings in life are serious. And football is not. Even though it’s potentially all you know or indeed think about.

That’s my wee rant over. But really.

On another note, I didn’t overly ingratiate myself with Peter Dawson, the ex-captain of the R&A, in Marks and Spencer the other night. He was in an aisle with me and walked past two items that had fallen on the floor, ignoring them. I picked them up and put them back on the shelf, commenting ‘ok I’ll pick them up then’. Rather taken back he said ‘oh did I knock them over’ and I rather tartly and quickly replied ‘no, but you could have picked them up’

Not massively furthering my R&A hopes on this occasion.

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