Four Singapore Ladies

Just got a message from Australia to say that there are four ladies from Singapore who are wanting to meet the kilted caddie and are out playing on the New today. I shall have to skirt up and sneak past the R&A lest I get spotted and potted at by any still aggrieved member. For I am most conscious now of not ruffling any further members’ feathers.

But it is very difficult to remain inconspicuous in my Walker Slater waistcoat and tartan tie, pink lady starched apple blossom shirt with airy cuffs, Joey D kilt and scarlet socks. So I jumped on my bike and made haste, parked at the Jigger, negotiated a pint of Guinness and scaled the wall onto the seventeenth of The Old.

Anyway the group who I meet on the sixteenth green of The New, on this beautiful May day, are all smiles and clad in wonderful cerise pink tops and matching tartan plus two’s from Slanj in Glasgow. They have sartorially knocked me for six.

There are three very characterful and game ladies from Singapore and Fiona Glover who now lives there. Fiona’s late dad John was the head rules man in the R&A and once gave me a tour when I was a student here. I remember him as the most lovely Irish gentleman and very able golfer. He played for Ireland for thirty years.



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