First compliment of the year

My foursomes partner, Azzie Paton, ingratiated himself massively with me on Saturday as we almost pulled off a win in the Hamada Trophy. Coming off the seventh tee I told him that I was down to play in the Alex Fairlie Trophy the next day, which is an over 50’s event. He seemed surprised that I was over the half century and indeed much more surprised when I revealed I was a full six over. He had me down as late 40’s.

Alex Paton is a very fine man.

But this has nothing to do with the cost of haircuts. A woman now pays about forty five quid a pop. And a blow dry comes in at about thirty. My goodness! Why didn’t my career’s advisor mention this to me and prevent my rather hasty and tortuous route down the road that is chartered accountancy?

I could have opened a nice wee salon somewhere, called myself the creative director and copped a good few hundred a day breezing around with a pair of scissors in hand while blowing a bit of hot air. In my opinion that’s quite serious money for not very much. I mean it doesn’t look that arduous or complicated.

Not that I hang out in hair salons over-frequently.

Now over to politics….

Well, that’s enough of politics.

Here are my current forecasts for the year; Kemboy to win the Gold Cup, a stock market crash in May, Roger Stone and Sarah Saunders jailed, Oxford win the boat race, I get put up for the R&A, my hair grows back, Andy Murray is pictured smiling, Nigel Farage is pictured not smiling, JK Rowling becomes PM, Donald Trump scores a new course record at a golf club in Texas and I pass my grade 4 violin exam with distinction.

Yes, I do miss my violin. Unfortunately it got rather warped as I left it in the coal cellar over the winter. Not the brightest thing to do.  It’s now going to cost about 1.5k to fix and the judge is out as to the merit in this. Besides, I would think that my second string seat in The Really Terrible Orchestra is no doubt now filled.

Anyway I have no real time to give to it. The bistrot is coming on swimmingly and it’s all meetings with people and stuff to do. We have a wonderful interior designer in Paula who runs Supertonic, so it’s at least going to look good. Yes, it’s all going in the right direction at last. It’s going to be called Left Bank. Well because we are on the left bank of the river and it’s got fairly cool overtones, I think?

It’s taken an awful lot of pain to get to this. Choosing a reasonable name is hard. I mean The Ubiquitous Chip, Babbity Bowsers, The Canny Mans, La Folie Douce, La Grande Ourse, Quagliano’s and The Fat Duck have all gone, gone , gone.

I quite liked The Crazy Duck mind?! But I’m a bit crazy.

Talking of ducks I have had a great run on the gee gees and am now in profit this year.

That’s nay bad.



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