End of year post

Yes it’s my last post.

What a year really. Lost 7 kilos, the Jock Hutchison final, the 2.10 at Wolverhampton, a chef, a couple of bucks on the stock market and a whole lot of other stuff.

But I’ve gained much wisdom and significant insight into the human condition. Random and drunken betting is a losing strategy, lobster balls are a very good thing indeed, Boris is not. The eyes don’t lie, wabi sabi is not too shabby a lifetime philosophy and England can’t play cricket.

But Japanese rugby is another matter entirely. What style, speed and intelligence. They have brought life back to what was becoming altogether, a rather dull game. Let’s face it.

But that is Japan. I’m there now actually. It’s all almost perfect. People smile, they work hard, they’re courteous and calm and clean and creative and cool.

It’s all rather refreshing actually.

Anyway, here is my forecast for next year.

Frank Skinner tells a half funny joke, Kemboy wins the Gold Cup, I get blackballed from Mortonhall, David Clark has back to back senior champ victories, Andy Murray smiles in an interview and finally gets the importance of voice intonation, Federer wins Wimbledon in straight sets, Wolverhampton Wanderers conquer Europe and the city gets their first ever tourist, Oxford win the
boat race, McIntyre The Open, a bistrot in Edinburgh puts Upper Roseburn on the culinary map, the stock market crashes and a most unlikely individual gets put up for the R@A.

I will be offering 300 to 1 odds on this roll up. Min bet 2 grand.


And a very prosperous new year to you all.



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