Characterful Caddies

Coach is one of our most wonderfully characterful caddies. I came into the shack this morning and he was not talking which is an extremely rare occurrence. I then saw that he had what was like a gum shield protruding from his mouth and was enlightened to find out that it was a teeth whitener.

Anyway, it was very funny as we all went out to meet our clients and I swear Coach went straight up to his man and said ‘your teeth are whiter than mine’. I mean what an introduction and ice breaker. The guy sort of smiled and acknowledged that he was in for a bit of a fun round.

Yes Coach and Cologne Tom are on a different stratosphere to most of the guys, and the combination of the two would be awesome. I was actually out with Cologne Tom last week and he was on inimitable form too. The American guys were not entirely sure how to take him and it came to a very amusing point on the fourth when my man came across to me looking most perplexed and saying in a tone of disbelief ‘Louis just topped the ball and Tom said “marvellous!”‘.


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